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Welcome to Lena's Appraisal Services

When you need an appraisal that's reliable and of good quality, I am the one to call. I am a certified appraiser with years of experience and would be glad to assist you.

What's It Worth?
Downtown of San Diego.


Personal Property, Business & Estate Appraiser

Since 2017 FOUNDED, Lena's Appraisal Services has been providing clients in the San Diego area with the highest quality appraisals. I offer accurate and objective valuations for Specific Purposes such as Internal Revenue Service Appraisal Requirements, Estate, and Gift Appraisals, Charitable Donation Appraisals, Bankruptcy Appraisals, Insurance Appraisals, Appraisals for Divorce, Casualty Loss Appraisals, Appraisals for Courts and Testifying in Court (Expert Witness).
As a qualified and certified appraiser, I rely on my extensive experience, impeccable skills, and specialized knowledge to provide unbiased reports in a timely manner and for a fair price. Whenever possible, I will look out for your best interests! I'd be delighted to assist you!



My appraisal includes the following:

Professional Appraisal Services for All Types of Personal Property: Business & Industrial Equipment, Painting, Antiques, and Other Objects of ART; Collections; Jewelry or Gems, especially Antique, Vintage & Luxury Jewelry; Furniture and Household Items; Firearms & Militaria, High End and Vintage Clothes & Accessories; Fur; Luxury Goods, Livestock, Farm Equipment, etc. 

 I am a member of the Certified Appraisers Guild & Member of The International Gem Society. 

Education & Special Training:

  •  Art Wealth Management Program,  Professional Training, 2021, USA 

  •  ASA-American Society of Appraisers “Fundamentals of Jewelry Appraisal” Professional Training, March 2021 

  •  CAGA-Certified Appraisers Guild of America, Professional Training, 2017, USA 

  •  GIA-Gemological Institute of America, Accredited Jewelry Professional Certificate, 2012-2013, USA  

  •  Gemological College of Moscow, Professional Training "Diagnostics of Rubies, Emeralds & Sapphires", 2007 Moscow, Russia  

  •  "GELOS"-Auction House & College Art, Antiques & Jewelry Dealer & Appraiser Diploma, 2005-2007, Moscow, Russia 

Pre-Purchase Consultation

Currently, I am a Professional Art, Antiques & Jewelry Dealer & Advisor circa 2000, and I can provide You with Pre-Purchase Consultation.

Appraisal of Goods.

Why Do You Need Personal Property Appraiser?

Personal Property Appraisers are needed in a number of different areas in your life and you may not think about it until that day comes. There will be a number of times that their services will be required.
• Donation & Gift Tax
• Estate Planning
• Loan Collateral
• Liquidation
• Bankruptcy
• Resale
• Divorce Appraisals
• Estate & Probate Appraisals
• Insurance Appraisals
• Authentication
• Pre and Post-Move Inspection & Reporting 



If you own antiques, collectibles, expensive jewelry, firearms or other high-value items, you may think you have a rough idea - or even a fairly informed opinion - on what they’re worth.

When looking to insure those items or obtain a value before selling/donating them, you must seek out a personal property appraisal.

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